Bit Synchronizers

The PCM Bit Synchronizer is a key component in a telemetry ground station. It must reconstruct its input data stream and recover the clock with the highest fidelity to allow the processing system to produce meaningful information.

The most demanding users consider our bit synchronizers to be the GOLD Standard in the industry. GDP offers a series of bit synchronizers to satisfy a wide spectrum of applications. We offer units containing a single channel bit synchronizer or multi-channel synchronizers (up to 16). Optional features include: built in Simulator/PRN Generator, Forward Error Correction (Viterbi), Automatic bit rate detection, built in BERT, Quadrature signal handling (QPSK, AQPSK, SOQPSK, etc.), and in a multiple synchronizer configuration –Best Source Selection that produces a high fidelity output that is the best combination of bits from multiple sources (Also see Best Source Selectors).

Model 2265 Single/Dual/Quad Bit Synchronizer

PCM Bit Synchronizer – Bit Synchronizer. Tunable 5 bps to 20Mbps (40Mbps Opt). PCM code conversion and PRN decode. Optional support of QPSK, OQPSK & SOQPSK. Viterbi decoder. Single, Dual & Quad configurations. Includes Frame Sync Pattern Detector, PRN BERT Function, Eb/No measurement, Viterbi BER, Pattern Error count. 4 Phase Clock. TTL/RS422 out. RS232 Remote Control. 3.5″ chassis (all configurations).

Model 2365A Multi-Channel Touch-Screen PCM Bit Synchronizer

2 Channel PCM Bit Sync Base Unit expandable to 8-Channels w/PC Chassis, & Control SW

Model 270 Multi-Channel Bit Synchronizer with Digital IO

Multi-Channel (8/16) Bit Sync w/ Digital I/O – Multi-Channel Bit Synchronizer. Tunable 5 bps to 20 Mbps (32MBps Optional). PCM code converter. Both TTL & RS-422 Inputs & Outputs.
Dual Channel Bit Synchronizer PCI module. Tunable 5 bps to 20 Mbps (40 Mpbs Opt.) Includes PCM code conversion and PRN decode, Viterbi decoder Frame Sync Pattern Detector, Eb/No measurement, Viterbi BER, Pattern Error count, 4 Phase Clock & TTL / RS422 out. Optional PRN BERT Function. Optional support of QPSK, OQPSK & SOQPSK. PCI bus control and optional RS232 / RS485 Remote Control.

Model 2430AD 40 Mbps PCM Bit Synchronizer

Model 2430AD is a “drop in” replacement for all previous 2430 family 2u rackmount single and dual stream PCM bit synchronizer units. The 2430D provides a new signal I/O interface which allows a wide variety of standard unit input and output configurations to be offered at the time of order, making any rear panel connector assignable as to type, signal function and termination.

2950AP 8 MHz to 40 MHz PCI Multi-Stream Bit Synchronizer

Model 2950AP Multi-Stream Bit Synchronizer consists of up to sixteen 40 Mbps capable PCM Bit Synchronizers in a single 4U chassis. The Model 2950AP features a high intensity 8” LCD Touchscreen operator display & control panel as a standard feature, supporting both individual and group bit synchronizer parameter set-up, operation and status monitoring.