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Our Telemetry Data Simulation and Test products are the ideal solution to your pre-mission readiness testing as well as general data link testing and troubleshooting. PCM Simulation is available in single and multi-stream configurations and can be programmed to generate the most complex of telemetry formats. Data Link Test Sets and Bit Error Rate Testers (BERT) are used to verify the integrity of your data communications links and aid in troubleshooting communications problems.

  • Low Latency User-Configurable Range PCM Mission Simulation
  • Stream Rates to 50+ Mbps, Supporting Complex Test Events
  • Integrated Modulation & RF Signal Generation
  • Text File, IRIG CH10 Recording, & Acroamatics TDP Vehicle Format User Editing Modes
  • User Programmable Patterns: PRN Patterns 5-31
  • Jitter / Noise Performance Test / Plots
  • Independent Transmit / Receive
  • Link Delay Measurement
  • Dual-Channel Available
  • IRIG Code Conversion
  • Acquisition Time Test
  • 1 Bps to 50 Mbps
  • Low Density Parity Check