Telemetry Card & Modular Interface Products

Acroamatics offers a powerful array of the most effective PCI based Telemetry processing and interface module solutions in the world. Acroamatics PCI telemetry modules are each delivered with all of the the Windows set-up and operating software, I/O cabling, and documentation you’ll need to tackle even the most challenging telemetry processing system integration tasks.

Model 470M Time Code/PCM Simulator Mezzanine

Model 470M is a mezzanine card that converts amplitude modulated IRIG time code signals to a digital representation for downstream analysis. It combines time code translation, generation and format simulation on a single plug-on mezzanine module

Model 474DM 40 Mbps Tunable PCM Bit Synchronizer Mezzanine

Model 474DM is an advanced digital PCM Bit Sync is a state-of-the-art compact “mezzanine” design that provides a cost effective and modular high quality bit sync add-on to Acroamatics entire line of single slot PCI single card TM processing card products.

Model 1611AP 72 Mbps PCM Bit Synchronizer PCI Card

Model 1611AP is a state-of-the-art Digital Bit Synchronizer featuring an advanced design that supports data rates from 8 Hz to 72 MHz. The design of the bit synchronizer uses the latest techniques in FIR filtering, digital phase-locked loops, NCO clock reconstruction, and digital amplitude and offset control.

Model 1612 AP New Advanced PCI Telemetry Decom Processing Cardset

Model 1612AP card embedded telemetry decom and multi-function processing module features the highest data rate and processing speeds in the industry, yet retains 100% “drop-in” compatibility with legacy Acroamatics PCI TDP products and systems.

Model 1615AP PCI Real-Time Data Distribution and Programmable Data Stream Processor (PDSP)

Model 1615AP is a powerful PCI card based low latency DSP based multi-stream telemetry Programable Data Stream Processor. An improved version of Acroamatics’ 1605P PDSP card, the new 1615AP is a 3rd generation design which serves as the hub of Acroamatics’ industry leading card embedded processor based real-time range Telemetry Data Processing (TDP) product line.

Model 1622 High Performance PCI Single Board Data System

Model 1622AP delivers new higher rate processing speeds and new capabilities, yet retains 100% “drop-in” compatibility with existing Acroamatics PCI TDP family products. We’ve utilized the latest in PGA component technology to ensure both low power consumption and improved reliability – ensuring integrators and end-users trouble-free, upgrade into friendly performance well into the next decade.

Model 1626P MultiChannel PCM Quick-Look Processor

Model 1626P was designed to do basic frame synchronization & decommutation for applications, such as data recording & post-analysis, where powerful embedded frame and word level decom output data formatting for 3rd party post-test or realtime EU processing software is desired.

Model 1632P New Dual Channel PCIe “all-in-one” Telemetry Processing Card

Model 1632P 40 Mbps PCIe dual stream telemetry decom and data distribution processing module is the hub of our fourth generation TDP family of telemetry processing product technology.

Model 482M Analog Processor Mezzanine

Model 482 is a mezzanine card for the PCI-bus Model 1605P. Two configurations of Model 482M are available.

Model 750IP MultiChannel PCM Module

Model 750IP module is designed to do dual duty – available as either a triple high performance programmable PCM simulator or as a dual PCM frame sync/decom.