Legacy Product Support

This page contains links to information about our legacy products which we support for users who may be interested in them, but for which we no longer supply the software or hardware. Contact us for more information on these products.

Satellite Modems & Ranging Systems: RF IF & Sub-Carrier

  • Model 4433 IF Satellite Modem & Ranging Subsystem


SGLS Satellite Modems & Ranging Systems – RF IF & Sub-Carrier

  • Model 4405 RF/IF SGLS Satellite Modem & Ranging System
  • Model 405 IF SGLS Satellite Modem
  • Model 700 SGLS Ranging Processor Unit
  • Model RNG201 SGLS Ranging Processor PCI Card
  • Model 484 PSK AM/FSK Sub-Carrier Generator
  • Model 784 AMFSK SGLS Modulator
  • Model 787 PSK & SGLS Signal Generator
  • Model 789 SGLS Signal Generator
  • Model FSK003 AM/FSK SGLS Subcarrier Modulator (VME Module)
  • Model 741 AM/FSK SGLS Subcarrier Demodulator Chassis
  • Model FDM001 AM/FSK SGLS Subcarrier Demodulator (VME Module)
  • Model FDT003 AM/FSK SGLS Subcarrier Demodulator (VME Module)