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Our Telemetry Data Acquisition products are used to recover the best possible signals from harsh or corrupted environments. Our Telemetry Receivers operate at very low signal to noise ratios. They feature true Adaptive Equalization in order to overcome the effects of multipath distortion. They process all of the modern modulation and error protection schemes.

Our Bit Synchronizers, both internal to the Telemetry Receiver and as stand-alone products provide best-in-class performance operating at near theoretical limits providing excellent signal recovery even in the presence of significant jitter. Improving data acquisition using multiple signals is available in both the RF domain and the digital domain. In the RF Domain, our Telemetry Receivers provide pre-detection diversity combiner capability using ether signal strength or data quality. In the Digital Domain, our Best Source Selectors can combine the output from multiple Telemetry Receivers, using Data Quality Encapsulation in order to create a combined best quality signal. All of these products assure that you will have the best, error free data possible for your application.

In addition to our exclusive 4-Input Diversity Combiner Function, Ethernet Outputs supporting IRIG 218-20, IRIG 106 Chapter 7 / Chapter 10, and IRIG 106-17 Appendix 2G Best Source Selection (DQE), our Model 4426 Receiver product line now offers an internal 70MHz Test Modulator Output function!

  • Advanced Combiner Function (AGC and Data Quality)
  • True Adaptive Equalization (Watch Our Video)
  • Integrated RF / IF / Subcarrier / Demod / Bit Sync
  • PCM/FM (ARTM Tier 0), SOQPSK-TG (ARTM Tier 1)
  • Multi-H CPM (ARTM Tier 2), STC
  • FEC: LDPC, Viterbi, Reed Solomon
  • Best Source DQE/DQM Output
  • Frame Sync Verification
  • IRIG106 CH7 DecodingIRIG106 CH10 Output
  • Direct Ethernet TMolP Output
  • 10 bps to 40 Mbps
  • Superior Bit Error and Jitter Performance
  • Viterbi Decoder
  • Built-in BERT / Frame Sync
  • Best Source DQE/DQM Output
  • 1 O bps to 40+ Mbps
  • Single or Multi-Channel Rackmount Units
  • Single or Dual-Channel PCI Cards
  • Diversity Combining / Correlating
  • Works with Encrypted Data
  • Superior Fade & Multipath Mitigation
  • Processes IRIG or GDP DQE/DQM Inputs
  • Over 5dB Performance Gain
  • Direct Ethernet TMoIP I/O
  • Analog or Digital I/O