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Our Telemetry Range Manager Software (TRMS) Suite of products provide an intuitive, easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) for many of our telemetry range products. These software products are designed to simplify the configuration and operation of the related products. They provide storage and retrieval of settings for later use. They provide real-time control of settings that need to be changed on the fly and hide away static settings that are changed infrequently.

An important part of these software packages is the status, logging and reporting capability that they provide. Status from the products being controlled is logged during use and presented on real-time status displays. This logged information is then made available after the fact for analysis and  reporting.

  • Full End-to-End Link Connection / Status Monitoring & Display
  • Performance logging and post mission analysis
  • End-to-End Ethernet Address Management
  • Built-in BERTS & Point-to-Point Link Test Functions
  • Java Based OS Independent Software Application
  • Scalable (From Single Units to Complete Range Solution)
  • Mission Based Application Support

TRMS-RCVR Receiver Management Software

COMING SOON, call for more information.

TRMS-BSS Best Source Selector Management Software

COMING SOON, call for more information.