Aerospace Telemetry
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For nearly 50 years, GDP Space Systems and Acroamatics Telemetry Systems have been providing reliable, innovative solutions to the telemetry and flight test communities. Our industry-leading products, systems, and software are in use at satellite ground terminals, telemetry ranges, and testing facilities worldwide.

PCM Simulation 101

Discover the power of Acroamatics PCM Telemetry Simulator, an FPGA hardware-based solution included with each decom card and system. With…
Model 4426 Telemetry Receivers offer unmatched performance, features, and functionality all contained in a single unit.

Our 3rd generation telemetry receiver design provides comprehensive multi-link support for satellite and flight test ground station applications in a fully integrated package. In addition to our exclusive 4-Input Diversity Combiner Function and our Ethernet Outputs supporting IRIG 218-20, IRIG 106 Chapter 7 / Chapter 10, and IRIG 106-17 Appendix 2G Best Source Selection (DQE), the Model 4426 Digital RF Telemetry Receiver product line is now available with an internal 70MHz Test Modulator Output function!

Superior data display, analysis and system operations tools in a powerful operating system-independent software package!
Acroamatics’ Display and Analysis Tool (ADAT) offers superior data display, analysis, and system operations tools in a powerful operating system-independent software package that provides an extensible environment for setup and control of all Acroamatics’ Telemetry Data Processing (TDP) systems. Ease of set-up and operations is ensured with ADAT’s network friendly, user-configurable widget-based telemetry system desktop and data display environment. In addition to the customizable dashboard’s recording, playback, and real-time quick look displays, the ADAT offers precise post-system telemetry measurement data analysis.