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Our Telemetry Data Transport products are the glue that holds your system together. Data Conversion products perform signal level conversion and signal duplication so that you can get the right signals to the right equipment in the right format. Our Telemetry over IP products help distribute your data using a modern infrastructure that provides not only reliability and redundancy, but also the capability to move the high-speed data stream of today and tomorrow.

Telemetry Range Management Software (TRMS) provides and easy to use, intuitive way to control all of your TMoIP equipment in a central coordinated environment.

In addition to our stand alone Telemetry over IP Gateway products, many of our traditional telemetry products now include TMoIP input or output capability. For example, our Model 4426 Receivers, Model 2267 Best Source Selectors and Model 2265EC Bit Synchronizers can use TMoIP connections in addition to, or in place of,  traditional PCM data and clock.

  • PCM Data Over Ethernet
  • Settable/Controllable Latency
  • IRIG218/IRIG106 CH10 Packetization
  • IRIG CH7 Decoding
  • Bit Sync Input Capable
  • Raw or Frame Aligned Modes
  • IRIG Time Tag and Transport
  • 1U Rackmount Chassis
  • 2,4,6,12 Channel Configurations
  • Signal Level Conversion
  • Signal Duplication
  • TTL, RS-422, RS-232, ECL, LVDS, Fiber
  • Analog, IRIG Time, Video
  • 1U or 2U Rackmount Chassis
  • Daisy-Chain Modules
  • Hot-Swap Modules
  • Redundant Power Supplies
  • Health and Status Monitoring
  • Greater than 1GB/s Sustained Payload Recording Rate
  • Separable Management & Data Network Interfaces
  • Standard Dual 10 & Dual 1 GB Ethernet Interfaces
  • Built for High Reliability & 24/7 Operation
  • Storage Capacities to 32TB
  • Additional I/O & AES Encryption Options
  • Full End-to-End Link Connection / Status Monitoring & Display
  • Performance logging and post mission analysis
  • End-to-End Ethernet Address Management
  • Built-in BERTS & Point-to-Point Link Test Functions
  • Java Based OS Independent Software Application
  • Scalable (From Single Units to Complete Range Solution)
  • Mission Based Application Support