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Our Telemetry Data Processing and Display products provide high-performance, multi-stream decommutation, engineering units conversion, derived measurement processing, recording/playback, display and analysis. These products are available in a variety of form factors from small portable units that can be carried to the flight line or production line, to multichannel rack-mount systems that are the heart of your telemetry flight test operations. Extensive displays can be easily configured to support the needs of Flight Test Engineers, Range Safety Officers, and Launch Managers. The built-in simulation capability provides pre-mission checkout as well as test and troubleshooting ability.

  • Multi-Stream Decommutation and Processing System
  • DISA STIG Compliant Windows 10 SHB or Linux Operating System
  • Hardware-based Decom and Real-time Processing Modules Offload CPU
  • Complex Format Decommutation Including Super-Comm, Sub-Comm, Asynchronously Embedded & Packet Data
  • Over 400 Standard Processing Algorithms
  • Every Parameter Time Tagged and ID Tagged
  • Built-in Simulation Capability
  • Customizable Data Display Package
  • Build Your Own System
  • Multi-Band Receivers
  • 40 Mbps Bit Synchronizer and Decommutator/Simulator
  • IRIG, Time Code Reader / Generator
  • Real-Time EU and Derived Processor
  • Windows or Linux API Simplifies Integration
  • Lunch Box or Desktop Units
  • Up to 4 PCM Streams
  • Receiver, Bit Sync, Decom, Processing & Display
  • DISA STIG Compliant Windows or Linux OS
  • Flight Line Checkout, Production Test
  • Operating System Independence
  • Freeform Graphic Desktop
  • Widget-based Real-time & Analysis Tools
  • Run Time System Control
  • Real-Time Status
  • Data Record and Playback
  • Quick-look and Post-test Data Display
  • Configurable Font Size and Color
  • Customizable Components
  • Multi-page / Instance Display Environment
  • Industry Leading Support