Correlating Best Source Selectors

Capture the best data from multiple telemetry receivers. The GDP Space Systems Diversity Combining Best Source Selector is the next generation state-of-the-art solution. Its performance is uniquely superior.

Receiving data from a moving source, such as an aircraft, missile, launch vehicle or ground vehicle is a significant challenge. Telemetry receivers are often strategically located at multiple locations on the test-range in an attempt to increase signal integrity. As the test vehicle moves / maneuvers, the received signal degrades at one site while it improves at another. Combining data from multiple sources is the only way that a complete and accurate record of the test can be developed. Traditionally, this is a post-mission activity, which often does not yield the desired result.

GDP offers products that, in real time, process multiple signal sources to produce the best, most accurate resultant data. This is accomplished by seamlessly combining the best bits from each source based upon real time measurements of data quality and majority voting. Knowledge of the data content, such as a frame synchronization pattern, is not required. Therefore, even encoded or encrypted data streams are reliably processed.

For the first time, signals can be combined from spatial diverse antennas to remove or minimize the effects of fades and multi-path. The GDP Correlating Best Source Selector always makes the most reliable and accurate data available for down-stream processing and analysis.

Model 2265EC Bit Synchronizer BSS Remote Encapsulation Unit

Dual or Quad Channel Bit Synchronizer/BSS Data Encapsulation Unit (Includes 40Mbps); Works in conjunction with MD2266B and MD2267B Best Source Selectors

Model 2266C Multi-Channel PCM Bit Synchronizer Diversity Combining Best Source Selector

The GDP Model 2266C Multi-Channel PCM Bit Synchronizer/ Best Source Selector houses up to eight high-performance bit synchronizer channels. Each individual channel can be used as a normal Bit Sync and/or selected as a source for Best Source Selection. The optimized digital design of this unit affords the highest performance characteristics currently available.

Model 2267B Multi-Channel Diversity Combining Best Source Selector

Multi-Channel Bit Sync (Digital Input)/Best Source Selector – Independent Bit Synchronizers/Best Source Selector Function, Sixteen (16) Channels. Tunable 5 bps to 20Mbps (40Mbps Opt). Includes PCM code conversion and PRN decode, Frame Sync Pattern Detector, Pattern Error count, TTL/RS422 outs. Also includes Four (4) Best Source Selector Group4 (4 Groups Standard, 6 Groups option) as well as Majority Vote Weighted by Signal Quality Function. Supports Encapsulation modes from the remote MD2265EC. Supports CRC ebcapsulation. PRN BERT Function. Local/Remote Control. 7″ chassis. Redundant Power Supply (optional), Remote monitor optional…..Includes Ethernet Remote Control……Includes Local Control via Front Panel Keypad and Display (Std)…Led Front Panel LED Monitor Display available as an option

Model 2602P Telemetry Best Source Selector

Model 2602P Best Source Selector (BSS) is an ideal solution to the task of real-time automated selection and output switching of best quality stream data from multiple range telemetry link sources. The MD2602P accommodates a wide range of rate and virtually all IRIG format compliant PCM frame definitions.