Telemetry Card & Modular Interface Products

Model 470M Time Code Generator Translator and PCM Format Simulator Module

The Model 470M is a mezzanine card that reads, translates, and generates IRIG A / B/ G and NASA-36 amplitude modulated time code signals. The 470M is capable of translating and generating all time codes over a range of 1/4th to 4x input rate speed multiples. The Model 470M operates in both reader and generator modes, provides “slow-code” output signals, and outputs a micro-second precision digital representation of time to companion Acroamatics telemetry processing cards via direct I Data Bus card-to-card interface.

The Model 470M provides “failsafe” IRIG time support in all modes by virtue of its automated “auto-generate” feature in the event of source IRIG time input drops or complete failure.

The Model 470M is configured as a companion to the Model 1612AP multi-function decom processing module, and within various other Acroamatics embedded system real-time telemetry data processing units.


  1. Plug-on option for Models 1602AP, 1602P, and 1650P Telemetry Processing cardsets
  2. Provides both Time Code and programmable PCM Format Simulator/Encoder functions
  3. Generates and Translates IRIG A, B,and G time codes
  4. “Auto-Generate” function assures failsafe telemetry processing systems time code correlation
  5. Simultaneous time code generation and translation
  6. Provides programmable PCM Simulator for legacy Acroamatics Decom cards and products (without integrated PCM Simulator)
  7. Generates all IRIG standard and randomized PCM codes at rates to 64 Mbps
  8. Generates complex formats with dynamic data and subframes
  9. Asynchronous frame insertion and format switching


0.5 to 20V p-p, single-ended
12KW (minimum)
Input Codes
IRIG A, B, or G
Input Frequency
125Hz to 400kHz
Modulation Index
2:1 through 5:1
Program selectable: normal/inverted
Leap Year
Program selectable: enable resets days to 1 after 366
Internal Time Base
20MHz crystal oscillator


Generator Mode
Program selectable: generates multiples of 4, 2, 1, 1/2, 1/4 realtime.
Translate Mode
Time read from external source
Translate Carrier Mode
Internal timing clock derived from input carrier. Allows translation to continue as input carrier rate varies during playback of an analog recording
Translate Failsafe Mode
Internal timing clock phase-locked to input carrier. Allows translator to generate time if a time input dropout occurs. Time resolved to microsecs for all input code formats. Program selectable: translates at multiples of 4, 2, 1, 1/2, 1/4 realtime.
Frame Bypass
Automatic frame bypass compares previous time frame to current time frame. Time accumulator is updated on agreement.


BCD time-of-year (days through microseconds) delivered as four 16-bit words at one millisecond and one second intervals
Generator Output
Program selectable: IRIG time codes A, B, and G
Slow Code Output
Datum bi-level or IRIG level shift. Four programmable rates


Format Storage
Stores two complete, selectable PCM formats. Performs asynchronous frame insertion and format switching
Subframe Capability
Generates up to three subframes within maindrame. Generates subframe within subframe
Frame Length
Up to 65,536 words for the mainframe and 16,384 per subframe
Data Sources
1024 static registers. Two user-defined dynamic data memories. Two 16-bit modulo up/down counters. Two 16-bit external inputs. One 16-bit pseudo-random number generator. One 16-bit program counter
Word Length
Programmable for each data source: static data words 1 to 32 bits; all others 1 to 16 bits
Word Orientation
Program selectable: MSB/LSB for each data word
Parity Generation
Program selectable: leading, trailing, or no parity for each data word
Dynamic Data Memories
2 unique, user-defined 16kB RAM's. Presettable to ramp, sine, triangle and squarewave functions or user-defined input. selectable data type: 1's complement, 2's complement, signed magnitude, offset binary. Programmable time base.


Bit Rate
Program selectable: 1Hz to 64MHz, tunable to 0.1% of programmed rate
0º clock
Output Codes
Program selectable: NRZ-L/M/S, BiØ-L/M/S, DBiØ-M/S, MDM-M/S, RNRZ 11/15/17/23
PAM Output
2.5 Volts, balanced output, 10mA drive current
PCM Output
TTL compatible NRZ-L data and 0º clock


Hosts Supported
Plugs onto Model 1502V (VME bus) or 1602P (PCI bus) Single-board PCM Data System
Cooling Requirements
30 Linear FPM
Power Requirements
+5VDC at 1.1A, +12VDC at 100mA, -12VDC at 100mA. Power supplied by host board.
5.9" (15.0cm) H x 3.9" (9.9cm) W x .35" (0.9cm) D. Host and module fits in standard slot.
Operating: 0º to +40º C, Non-Operating: -40º to +86º C
Relative Humidity
Up to 90% non-condensing
Operating: 5G, Non-Operating: 25G
Operating: 0.3G, 5 to 2000Hz, Non-Operating: >8G, 5 to 500Hz

Specifications subject to change without notice.