Telemetry Data Processing & Simulation Systems

Model 2425 PCI Telemetry DAC Multiplexer

2425-1Deterministic, Low Latency, fiber-driven DAC Strip Chart Multiplexer from Acroamatics

Each compact, 2u/3.5″ rack height DAC Multiplexer chassis enables up to six Model 2900 Telemetry Data Processor systems to send serial DAC and Discrete data messages to as many as eight (8) 8-channel chart recorders (a total of 64 channels) – requiring but a single copper or fiber connection to each TDP. An optional expansion card supports the interconnect of up to four DAC Multiplexer chassis, enabling up to twelve (12) TDPs to share up to thirty-two (32) 8-channel strip chart recorders, with each TDP having access to any or all channels, thus enabling the strip charts to be easily re-allocated if one fails.

The serial interface allows the strip charts to be located up to 100 feet from a TDP chassis when using copper links, and up to 1000 feet with the fiber-optic link. Chassis options provide various combinations of copper and fiber-optic links.

A second option card received and regenerates IRIG B timecode, slow code, and the front panel PAPER RUN switch, providing these signals on eight separate RJ45 connectors, or one for each strip chart recorder. Serial input messages are generated by the Acroamatics 1602P, 1605P and 505V cards (over copper wire links), and by the 482 mezzanine DAC card over a fiber-optic link.

  1. Connects up to eight 8-channel chart recorders
  2. 4 serial copper or fiber optic input ports
  3. Cross-link up to 4 stations

Expansion card
Includes 2 additional Input ports and allows linking up to 32 units (2048 channels) per station

The Model 2425 provides four serial inputs, and comes with either fiber optic for operation to 4,000 feet, or copper wire for operation to 100 feet. The expansion option adds two input channels and three transmit channels, which allows configurations up to 32 units deep and up to 4 units wide.
Allows all D to A outputs to be set to -5V, +5V, or to a step calibration with 11 output levels

ANALOG OUTPUT (Output loaded with 10k Ohm and 50 pf in parallel

13 bits of resolution, 2's complement binary input
Plus or minus 2 LSB
Plus or minus 1 LSB
10ppm per degree C
Setting Time
2.5 microseconds to within plus or minus 1 LSB
Slew Rate
3 Volts per microsecond
Output Current
1 mA maximum @(±5V)
Output Voltage
-5V to +5V

Discrete Output

64 discrete output lines, all TTL Compatible
Addressing Modes
The discrete outputs may be addressed as four 16-bit registers, eight 8-bit registers, or 64 1-bit registers. When selected as 16-bit registers, you can use strobe and acknowledge signals to synchronize message transfers.
Output Current
32 ms @ 2.4V, and 48ma @ 0.40V