Telemetry Card & Modular Interface Products

Model 750IP MultiChannel PCM Module
Acroamatics’ Model 750IP module is designed to do dual duty – available as either a triple high performance programmable PCM simulator or as a dual PCM frame sync/decom.

When ordered in PCM Simulator format (750IP-1) three PCM Sim channels provide all the capabilities of our Model 1626P and 474M simulators, and program using standard Acro TDP system PCM simulation Windows GUI software.

The 750IP is an IP (Industry Pack) card module that formats and outputs three fully independent user programmable PCM simulation channels at any user assigned rate of from 1 bps to 64 Mbps. It has programmable frame lengths and user definable formats, program defined data word characteristics and dynamic data assignment. TTL or RS-422 I/O termination may be ordered in either 750IP module type.

The 750IP-2 dual channel frame sync/decom module supports frame lengths to 64k in length, program selectable justification (left or right); orientation (MSB or LSB); suppression; & embedded processing. Strategy controls allow up to 64 bit patterns, 0-15 allowable errors, ±3 bit slips, 0-15 flywheel counts, and three sync strategy modes. 750IP-2 Frame Sync configuration provides on-board physical memory, with 512k bytes assigned to each PCM stream. The two halves of each 512k block are alternately mapped as they fill with data into a 256k memory space that provides software-transparent fully automatic double buffering.

Model 750IP modules are offered with a variety of standard bus format based IP carrier cards, including: PCI/x, cPCI, PC-104, and VME. Multiple 750IP modules can be configured in a single slot, delivering low cost/high performance solutions supported by proven Acroamatics GUI set-up and processing software solutions.

  1. Multi-channel PCM Module just 3.9" x 1.7" in size
  2. Processes PCM bit rates up to 64 MHz
  3. 750IP-1 Triple PCM Sim
  4. PCI, VME, cPCI, PC-104 Multi module carriers

  1. To nine high performance, fully programmable independent PCM Simulators per PCI slot!
  2. User Definable PCM Frame and Data word assignments
  3. Selectable Data Rate, to 64 Mbps
  4. Program Selectable Codes, TTL Clock/Data or RSS-422

  1. 0-64 Mbps Frame Sync/Decom
  2. Individually programmable word properties
  3. Minor frame lengths up to 64k words
  4. Variable frame lengths
  5. Programmable serializer extracts embedded data