Correlating Best Source Selectors

Model 2602P Telemetry Best Source Selector2602p-front-image-web

Acroamatics’ Model 2602P correlating Best Source Selector (BSS) is an ideal solution to the task of real-time automated selection and output switching of best quality stream data from multiple range telemetry link sources. The MD2602P accommodates a wide range of rate and virtually all IRIG format compliant PCM frame definitions.

The Model 2602P accepts multiple user defined grouped sources of bit synced PCM data, evaluates input source data quality, then selects and outputs the best source from each group to real-time processing, communications and recording equipment. Source selection criteria and stream selection activity are both displayed and stored in system log files for later analysis.

Acroamatics hardware embedded real-time TM processing techniques assure the MD2602P delivers accurate low latency best source selection without undo operation and setup complexity. The 2602P can be ordered with from 8 to 24 source input sources, with source streams grouped via the operator set-up menu. Groups of up to four sources to one or more outputs are supported. Standard cascaded master/slave switch mode accommodates larger input groupings or switching of encrypted signals.

Automated Best Source Selector PCM stream simulation is provided to support convenient set-up confirmation and validation. Optional advanced Acroamatics PCM processing cards (bit syncs, decoms, PDSP) can be added to expand base BSS functionality to add full telemetry processing and data recording capabilities.

  1. Low Latency Automated Telemetry Best Source Selection and Output Source Switching
  2. No manipulation, recombining or reformatting of data in the process
  3. Modular Two Piece Chassis for optimum I/O Panel Location
  4. Up to 24 Source In by 12 Output Hardware Configurations
  5. Compatible 8x4 and 16x8 Stream Versions
  6. Low Latency, OS Independent Source Switching
  7. Program Configurable BSS Channel Groupings
  8. Operator Assignable Selection of Best Source Group Frame, Rate, and Sync Strategy
  9. Daisy-Chain and Slaved BSS Groupings Supported
  10. Input/Output Rates to 35 Mbps
  11. IRIG Time Correlated BSS Switch Log / Event Recording
  12. Automated Self-Test and BSS Group Definition Validation via Integrated PCM Format Simulator
  13. 5 ms Interval Input Verify and Lock Status Reporting / Logging

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Technical Specifications

Signal Data & 0° Clk Inputs
8, 16 or 24 ea., 75 Ohm, TTL single ended, BNC Female
Signal Data & 0° Clk Outputs
4, 8 or 12 ea., 75 Ohm, TTL single ended, BNC Female
Data Rate
1 bps to 35 Mbps, NRZ-L
IRIG B Time Reader/Gen Input
(1 KHz Modulated) 0.5 V p-p to 20 V p-p, 10K Ohm BNC Female
PCM Code/Clock Input PCM
All with fixed-length minor frames
PCM Formats Supported Minor
All with fixed-length minor frames
Frame Length
16 bits to 65,536 bits
Data Polarity Simulator Data
Normal, inverted and automatic detection
Clock Outputs External
4 ea. RS-422 outputs, 9600 baud at 10 Hz update rate min., on individual 9 pin fem D connectors
Display Outputs Discrete
6 ea. RS-422 outputs, 9600 baud at 10 Hz update rate min., on individual 9 pin fem D connectors
Status Output PCM Formats
Frame Sync Units lock status (24) out to back panel 25 pin female D connector
Supported Ports
Industry Standard Ethernet, COM Ports and Parallel Printer
Minor Frame Length Data
16 bits to 65,536 bits
Normal, Inverted and Automatic Detection
Optional TM Processing
MD1611P, 1612P, 474DM, 1615P, 1622P with ATSS Telemetry System Software add turn-key integrated processing capabilities to the MD2602P


90-132V or 180-264V auto select, 50-60Hz, 4A max (> 2A, typ)
Dimensions (BSS Chassis)
4u 7" (31.12cm) H x 19.0" (48.26cm) W x 22.5" (57.15cm) D
Dimensions (Switch Panel)
7u 12.25" (31.12cm) H x 19.0" (48.26cm) W x 3.5" (8.90sm) D
Operating: 0° to ±40° C, Non-Operating: -40° to +86° C
Relative Humidity
Up to 90% non-condensing
Operating 6G, Non-Operating 50G
Operating 0.5G, 5 to 2000 Hz, Non-Operating 1.2G, 5 to 500 Hz
Signal I/O with Optional TM Processing Modules
88 chassis rear panel mount BNC Connectors, with all I/O connections supported for up to eight channels. In 9-16 channel configurations, customer defined I/O assignment (to a max or 88 BNCs) is required.