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IRIG CH7 Serial-to-Ethernet Function Now Available

January 23, 2019

GDP Space Systems has integrated the IRIG Chapter 7 (CH7) Serial-to-Ethernet function, supporting the IRIG Chapter 11 (CH11) protocol, as a new mode in the Model 2350 Telemetry Gateway. Initially, the Model 2350 Telemetry Gateway was designed to transport PCM Telemetry-over-IP utilizing a variety of protocols including IRIG218 (TMoIP Standard). This new mode acquires the CH7 transport frame through one of its PCM input ports then processes and extracts the CH11 packets across the IP network. The IRIG Read More >

Join Us at the World’s Most Comprehensive Telemetry Event!

October 08, 2018

The Delta Family of Companies are committed to providing innovative solutions and  meeting the exacting requirements of the Commercial and Military Flight Test communities. GDP Space Systems, Acroamatics Telemetry Systems, Delta Digital Video, and Ampex Data Systems will be highlighting solutions for video processing, range telemetry systems, and the acquisition, exploitation, and protection of data for land, sea, air and space applications at this year's  International Telemetering Conference. Take advantage of educational opportunities through our technical sessions. Network Centric Range Architecture - Gary Thom Tuesday, November 6th, 2:00 Read More >

Technology for Tomorrow: GDP’s Model 3500 Ethernet Data Recorder

September 28, 2018

GDP Space Systems' has delivered multiple Model 3500 Ethernet Data Recorder units to a satellite launch facility to be used for recording mission data. Model 3500 is a high data rate, large capacity streaming network recording system that utilizes mature and field-proven recording technology to deliver consistent, reliable recording and playback of streaming IP telemetry data. The Model 3500 has been designed for Telemetry over IP (TMoIP), Voice over IP (VoIP) and Video over IP streaming data Read More >

What are Customers Saying about GDP’s Best Source Selectors?

August 06, 2018

GDP Space Systems has been the leading innovator of Best Source Selector (BSS) technology for over a decade, with units used daily at sites around the world. The Atlantic Test Range (ATR) at Patuxent River (PAX) has been using GDP's BSS units successfully since 2007. Telemetry Engineering Lead at PAX, Dennis G Normyle, presented the substantial benefits of using BSS technology and its effective implementation at PAX during the Defense & Aerospace Test & Telemetry (DATT) Summit held on June Read More >

Looking to More Effectively Mine, Develop & Deliver Mission Telemetry Results to Customers?

August 06, 2018

Acroamatics provides an array of real-time and post mission telemetry decom and EU test data file discovery, playback, analysis, conversion and export tools with a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows for easy setup and initiation of a desired output data process. Acroamatics' new Data File Utility user interface is just one of many new and improved telemetry system tools added to the core Acroamatics Telemetry Systems Software Suite (ATSS) to provide enhanced user access to a variety Read More >

Delta Information Systems, Inc. Awarded AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015 Certification

June 07, 2018

Horsham, PA (June, 2018) Delta Information Systems, Inc. ( and its local subsidiaries, Delta Digital Video and GDP Space Systems,  are pleased to announce the  successful audit and continued certification of our Quality Management System by ISOQAR Inc. and in compliance with the latest versions of the ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D Aerospace Quality Management System Standards. The AS9100 standard expands the requirements of ISO 9001 to meet demands of the defense and aerospace industries. The AS9100 Read More >

Understanding the AGC & DQ Diversity Combiner Control on a Telemetry Receiver

April 30, 2018

The objective of the Diversity Combiner option on GDP's Model 4426 Telemetry Receiver  is to process an RF signal received by two receivers to produce the best possible output by weighting and combining the two signals prior to detection. By default, the combiner weights the signals using the Automatic Gain Control (AGC) from each receiver to determine the best weighting factors to apply to each signal in the combining process. Simply put, the stronger signal gets the higher combining weight. This Read More >

NEW Compact, Dual Stream Portable Telemetry Processing System

April 02, 2018

Acroamatics' new Model 4032AP Compact Dual Portable Stream Telemetry Processing System is a size and cost effective   "multi-function" dual stream PCM simulator, decom, and recording solution. It is capable of ingesting, simulating, recording, processing, and playback of single-ended and differential baseband PCM, and direct NRZ-L clk/data IRIG Chapter 4 telemetry at rates in excess of 44 Mbps, in all forms. The Model 4032AP enables users to independently decom, simulate, store and display two streams of PCM data using lightning fast Read More >

GDP Delivers Automated TMoIP / DQE Range Acquisition Solution

April 02, 2018

GDP has successfully completed delivery and site checkout of the new Model 2350 Telemetry Gateway and Model 2267 Best Source Selector for a major Naval Test Center. The system provides over 400 channels of TMoIP feeding 20 Best Source Selectors under control of Telemetry Range Management Software (TRMS). Under TRMS control, the 2350s take PCM data from legacy receivers and convert it to Ethernet packets. The 2267s ingest the Ethernet packets and use the new RCC DQE method to perform hitless Read More >

How Does Your Telemetry Receiver Compare?

March 05, 2018

Suffering from near/far signal problems or adjacent channel interference with your telemetry receiver? Problem Solved! GDP's Model 4426 Telemetry Receiver has an exceptionally wide dynamic range, linear at the high end to +5dBm to accommodate high power near field signals, yet with excellent sensitivity at the low end from a noise figure of better than 7dB - an 18dB improvement over your typical receiver! With the 4426's multi AGC/multi SAW filter superhet architecture, out-of-band signals are attenuated below Read More >