Link and Mission Simulation & Validation

Telemetry systems require PCM simulators to provide system testing and pre-mission verification that all hardware and software functions are setup and operating correctly.  An independently programmed simulator is needed to ensure unbiased test results. GDP has been providing easy to use, programmable PCM simulators since the 1980s.

Model 236 PCM/PAM Simulator

The Model 236 unit facilitates widespread use of PCM by combining the most desired application features users into one unit. The Model 236 is ideal for PCM users who do not have the time or the inclination to become simulator programmers.

Model 4000 Compact Telemetry System

Model 4000 Compact Telemetry system is capable of processing telemetry data streams with data rates of up to 32 Mbps. The Model 4000 is based on Acroamatics’ Model 1626P Frame Synchronizer and Model 472M Bit Synchronizer plus ILIAD Lite Telemetry Software from EMC Corporation.