RDM207 PCI Receiver Selected for Key Space & Missile Test Range Applications

October 03, 2019

GDP Space Systems’ has been selected to supply multiple RDM207 (PCI) Digital RF/IF Board Level Receivers in support of missile and launch testing for Standard Missile and Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) programs.

Offering the same unparalleled performance as GDP’s Model 4426 range-quality Digital RF Receiver product line, the RDM207 includes optional RF link and noise mitigation improvements such as:

The RDM207 Receiver operates up to 40 Mbps and is capable of supporting aircraft flight-testing. Recent updates allow for acquiring and processing the IRIG106 Chapter 7 data streams that output the resulting data packets to Ethernet for downstream processing. Overall, the RDM207 is a well-rounded telemetry receiver designed for various portable telemetry applications while providing users with range-quality performance.