Satellite Modems & Ranging Systems: RF IF & Sub-Carrier

Model 4433 Satellite Modem

The GDP Model 4433 Multi-Channel Satellite Modem system is a digital signal / data processor. This highly flexible system provides comprehensive multi-link telemetry support for satellite ground stations in a single fully integrated package.

The system features FPGA based signal processing and software defined radio technology in the form of digital receivers, waveform & signal  processors.

Advanced signal processing components allow signal generation and analysis  for ranging and other signal processing. An integrated simulator with RF modulators allows local and long loop tests as well as support for system  simulations. Integrated recording with 1 Terabyte (1000 GB) capacity is included.

System level advantages include redundant power, built in test, self test and easy to use touch screen control. In-the-field upgrade capability allows the user to install changes to enhance performance, add new features and extend capabilities.

The Model 4433 offers an affordable high performance solution for spacecraft ground station operations.

  1. Software defined radio technology
  2. Multi-mode Modulator/Demodulator waveforms
  3.      • FM/PM / BPSK / QPSK / SQPSK/OQPSK/ UQPSK / AQPSK / DPSK / FSK & others
  4. Data rates to 40 Mbps
  5. IF Frequencies: 70 MHz, tunable +/- 10 MHz
  6. Tone & PRN Ranging
  7. PCM codes: NRZ-LMS / Bi-Phase-LMS / RNRZ-15
  8. PCM Code Conversion Capability
  9. CCSDS SLE compatibility
  10. Reed Solomon & Turbo encoders & decoders
  11. Data & Network based simulators
  12. Stream Data Recording & Playback w/ 1 TB Capacity
  13. FEC / Convolutional Encoding & Decoding
  14. Data Interleave & De-interleave
  15. Test Loop Support
  16. Built-in Self Test
  17. Integrated PRN BERT
  18. GPS Time & Frequency Reference
  19. Flexible design utilizing the latest in FPGA technology
  20. Advanced Digital waveform generation and processing
  21. Scalable solution allowing support of multiple communication links
  22. Field upgradeable features and performance
  23. Supports XML based command and control protocols over TCP/IP Ethernet Communications
  24. Flexible interface options
  25. Redundant power for reliable operation