Satellite Modems & Ranging Systems: RF IF & Sub-Carrier

By combining our Modulator products with our Receiver / Demodulator products, Modems of a variety of types are available. Configurations are available to suit almost any combination of modulation and carrier or subcarrier conditions (i.e. FM, PM, A/B/O/SO/U/AU/QPSK, GMSK,..). PRN and Tone Ranging is also an available option.

Leading our Satellite Modem and Ranging product line for Commercial Satellite TT&C is our Model 4433 IF Satellite Modem and Ranging subsystem and our Model 4435 RF Satellite Modem and Ranging Subsystem. This state-of-the-art design is highly flexible and provides a comprehensive multi-link telemetry support for satellite applications in a fully integrated package. The modular design features FPGA based signal processing and software defined radio technology in the form of digital receivers, waveform & signal generators/processors. They are available in a variety of tunable Uplink and Downlink frequencies (RF, IF & Subcarrier), configurations and waveforms (i.e. FM, PM, A/B/O/SO/U/AU/QPSK, GMSK, SGLS, ARTM Tier 1, 2 & 3..).

Due to its integrated FPGA technology this modem product can include: optional embedded bit synchronizers, independent frame synchronizer pattern detectors and a variety of FEC options including but not limited to Viterbi, Reed-Solomon (CCSDS) and LDPC. Options are also available that support Gig-Ethernet output of data directly from the receiver module. This state-of-the art modem product line provides a compact, cost competitive, flexible solution to a wide variety of communications link scenarios.

Model 4433 IF Satellite Modem & Ranging Subsystem

The GDP Model 4433 Multi-Channel Satellite Modem system is a digital signal / data processor. This highly flexible system provides comprehensive multi-link telemetry support for satellite ground stations in a single fully integrated package.