Modulators, Uplink RF, IF & Sub-Carrier

Our line of Modulator products accept digital baseband inputs and produce modulated outputs for subcarriers, IF or RF applications. Modulations include but are not limited to PM and B/Q/U/A/O QPS

K, FM, GMSK, FSK and others. GDP supports a full line of board and box level products.

Model 782 Tunable PSK Subcarrier Generator (2U Chassis)

PSK Subcarrier Generator – Tunable BPSK Subcarrier Generator, to 10 MHz. 1 ppm reference oscillator. RS232 remote control. 3.5″ chassis.

Model 785 Multi-Channel Encoder Modulator

Encoder/Modulator – Four (4) Tunable BPSK Subcarrier Generators. Summed input to Linear Phase modulator w/upconversion to 70 MHz. RS232/IEEE488 remote control. 10.5″