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Model 2680P AGC Data Logging System

The Model 2680P AGC Data Logger is a stand-alone telemetry data acquisition receiver performance monitoring unit that records and displays time tagged voltage samples to a log file. The 2680P is configured to input, sample, display, and log to disk time tagged analog voltages from up to thirty-two analog sources, such as telemetry receiver AGC monitor outputs. A Blue-Ray/DVD/CD R/W drive is provided for creating permanent exportable MS Excel compatible archived of mission logging results.

Input source voltages are sampled using a high performance multi-channel DAQ card, with operator programmable A to D sample rates. System hardware consists of rack mountable interface panels, 1u rackmount host controller enclosure, 1u keyboard/monitor drawer, and all requiried system interconnecting cables. System software includes Microsoft Excel 2013 and purpose designed Acroamatics GUI Set-up and Operations software.

The system is programmable to support up to 32 channels, each with unique user assigned name, at rates of up to 10 scans per second. Each scan produces a log entry annotated by time read from the PC’s system clock or optional IRIG time code module. The 2680P GUI acquired log entries directly to an ASCII comma separated text file. A post-mission log file export function supports transfer of the log entries from the CSV file to an Excel file, with capability to select a time windowed subset. The resulting .xls file can be written on the CD/DVD for distribution to range customers, or accessed over the network as a remote file.

System Description3-screens-for-web
The Model 2680P AGC Data Logger provides users a convenient graphical operator interface that records time tagged voltage samples from a high performance DAO Device to a log file. Up to 32 named analog inputs can be logged at a rate configurable from 10 times per second to once every 10 minutes. System configurations may be stored and recalled as desired. Once per sample period, the 2680P writes the voltages to the log file along with a time stamp read from the PC’s system clock. Data is time stamped with internal system time, or time read from an optional IRIG Time Code Reader/Generator card. At the end of acquisition, the logged data is copied to an Excel spreadsheet for easy viewing and analysis.

  1. Monitors to 32 Telemetry Receiver AGC or similar analog inputs
  2. Easy to use GUI Set-up and Operations Interface
  3. Time Annotated Log File, Excel Compatible File Format
  4. Quick Visualization of System Performance and monitored device AGC status
  5. 400k S/Sec Composite sampling Rate @ 16-Bit
  6. Selectable Log File Scan Interval, Displayed in Volts or DBm
To 32 AGC or Similar Analog channels, single-ended 75 / 50 Ohm
Sample Rate
To 400k S/sec Composite (User Selectable), 16-Bit Resolution
Voltage Range
+/- 10 V p-p

Operator Display
Voltage level by channel, user selectable scan rate
Channel ID Name Assignment, Scale (V or Dbm), Time Annotationm Scan Interval

Comma Delimnited, Excel Compatible, Channel ID, at selectable sample rate & scan internal
System Default or IRIG Time (via optional Translater/Generator

Sig I/O & Adapter
19.0" W X 1.75" H X 7.4" D (two each)
Kybd / Mon
19.0" W X 1.75" H X 24" D
System Chassis
19.0" W X 1.75" H X 24" D
Approx. 26 lbs., Total
Material / Finish
18 Gage Mild Steel / Powder Coat, Black
115/230 VAC 6-50 Hz, 3A max
Operating 20-90%; Storage 20-95%
Operating 0° to 60° C (32° to 140° F); Storage -4°0 to 85° C (-40° to 185° F)
Operation 6G; Non-operational 50G
Operating 0.5G, 5 to 2000 Hz, Non-operating 1.2G, 5 to 600 Hz