Simulation & Link Validation

Model 2618P PCM Frame Validation System

2618-1Acroamatics’ Model 2618P PCM Frame Validation System can monitor as many as eight independent streams, providing a quick visual indication of the signal quality of your PCM data and verification that the received data corresponds to the expected frame characteristics.

The 2618P accepts clock and data from PCM decryptors or Bit Synchronizers (up to eight) and bright LED indicators on the unit’s front panel indicate the data quality of each stream. At the same time, each stream is converted to a randomized NRZ signal for input to a downstream processor. A log file is also generated that records the system setup, plus time annotated frame status that can be imported into Excel or other applications for inclusion in mission reports.

Wizard software, which can be run on any Windows computer, guides you through the simple setup procedure to create or modify mission configurations. A USB flash drive transports the setup to the 2618P. Once the configuration is downloaded, the data monitoring and logging operation automatically starts, so virtually no additional operator action is required. At the end of a mission, a simple press of a button uploads the log file to a USB flash drive.

The 2618P is a 1U rack-mountable. It provides convenient front panel setup, data access and display of PCM stream status.

  1. Removable USB Flash Drive Storage of System Configuration and Log Files/li>
  2. Monitor up to 8 Independent PCM Streams
  3. Quick Visual Indication of Signal Quality
  4. Log File Creation with Data Export to Spreadsheet Applications
  5. Wizard Software assists with USB flash setup

Eight channels, each accepting RS-422 differential 0° clock & NRZ data
120Ω input impedance, TTL compatible
Bit Rate
Up to 20 Megabits per second
Programmable, with automatic polarity correction
Frame Length
Programmable, 16 to 16384 bits


Mainframe Sync
Provides for programmable sync pattern and mask, complement pattern recognition, and variable frame decommutation. Pattern length up to 64 bits.
Alternate Complement Sync
Synchronizes to formats in which the minor frame sync pattern is complemented on alternate frames
Complement Frame Sync
Synchronizes to formats that complement the minor frame sync pattern at a major frame rate
Automatic Polarity Inversion
Input polarity is inverted when two consecutive complemented sync patterns are found
Sync Modes
Fixed, Adapative, and Burst
Sync Strategy
Search, Verify, and Lock
Sync Error Tolerance
0 to 15 errors, programmable
Sync Slip Window
0, ±1, ±2, & ±3 bits, programmable
Data Polarity
Normal, Inverted, and Automatic detection
Clock Rate Monitor
A programmable delay counter is provided to return the synchronizer to Search if the clock input is lost


The Time Code Translator can be read from the PCI bus.
PCM Status
A status word is available for each PCM frame synchronizer via the PCI bus.
Discrete Status
The Lock status of each frame synchronizer is output as an RS-422 signal.
Serial Setup Output
A serial RS-422 output allows you to send data from the PCM bus to an external device.
128k x 32 bit CVT memory, addressed by assigned PCM word ID tag. Read by the PCI bus, it contains last value from up to 128k TM sources.
Block Buffer Memory
Used to format and input up to 512k messages of 32 bit words. Six programmable formats: 4 with ID tags and 2 data only. May include programmable time stamp and header message.
Dual buffered DMA channel for transferring messages formatted for the block buffer memory directly to Host memory.
Mezzanine Card
A mezzanine connector supports an optional Time Code Translator/Generator (with or without PCM/PAM Simulator). The mezzanine card provides the following signals: IRIG B in Amplitude modulated IRIG A, B, or G with 100mv to 10V peak to peak signal input amplitude. Simulator output is RS-422 NRZ-L data and 0° clock.



VIA C3® 1.0GHz EBGA Processor
1 GB DDR PC3200
Windows XP Professional


17" x 19" x 1.75" (W x D x H)
Approx. 16 lbs.
18 Gauge Mild Steel
Powder Coat, Black
115/230 VAC 6-50 Hz, 3A max


Operating 20-90%, Storage 20-95%
Operating 0° to 60° C (32° to 140° F), Storage -40° to 85° C (-40° to 185° F)
Operation 6G, Non-operational 50G
Operating 0.5G, 5 to 2000 Hz, Non-operating 1.2G, 5 to 600 Hz

Specifications subject to change without notice.