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Model 482M Analog Processor Mezzanine
Acroamatics’ Model 482 is a mezzanine card for the PCI-bus Model 1605P.

Two configurations of Model 482M are available.

Model 482M-8 provides a total of 8 channels of 12-bit D-to-A output.

Model 482M-32 provides a total of 32 channels of 12-bit D-to-A output plus 16 channels of 12-bit A-to-D input with a 400 KHz sample rate.

A model 1605P card, when equipped with a Model 482M-8 mezzanine, requires only one standard PCI bus slot and chassis I/O opening. When equipped with a Model 482M-32 mezzanine an additional two chassis I/O openings (three total) are required for connectors.

All Acroamatics documentation is supplied on CD-Rom.

    Model 482M-8 provides:
  1. 8 discrete outputs
  2. 8 12-bit D-to-A outputs

  3. Model 482M-32 provides:
  4. 32 discrete outputs
  5. 32 12-bit D-to-A outputs
  6. 16 12-bit A-to-D inputs
  7. Fiber-optic high-speed serial bus to external D-to-A devices

Companion to Acroamatics Model 1605P PCI-bus Data Distribution and Programmable Data Stream Processor.

Hosts supported
Plugs onto Model 1605 PCI-bus Data Distribution and Programmable Data stream Processor 68 pin .05 SUB-D, 2 68-pin mini right angle 1 100-pin connector to mating 100-pin connector (Berg 61082-102000) on host board.
5.9" (150mm) L x 3.9" (99mm) W x .35" (9mm) H. Host and module fit in a standard slot.
+5VDC at 1.1A, +12VDC at 100mA, -12VDC at 100mA. Power supplied by host board.
30 Linear FPM
Operating: 0° to 40° C, Non-Operating: -40° to 86° C
Relative Humidity
Up to 90% non-condensing
Operating: 5G, Non-Operating: 25G
Operating: 0.3G, 5 to 2000Hz, Non-Operating: 0.8G, 5 to 500Hz

Available Configurations
Model 482M-0-0-0-1
DAC Mezzanine, Fiber Optic HotLink Bus Driver Only
Model 482M-0-32-32-0
DAC Mezzanine, 32 D-to-A, 32 Discrete Lines - requires 1605P
Model 482M-0-8-16-0
DAC Mezzanine 8 D-to-A, 16 Discrete Lines - requires 1605P
Model 482M-16-32-32-0
DAC Mezzanine 16 A-to-D, 32 D-to-A, 32 Discrete Lines - requires 1605P

Specifications subject to change without notice.