Applications: Signal Conversion & Distribution Products

The GDP Space Systems’ 9200 Series Data Conversion and Distribution System is a scalable modular product that can be user configured to convert and/or distribute a large selection of signal types. The 2U 19” rack-mount unit accommodates up to 16 plug-in modules, each with the ability to accept, properly terminate and distribute specific signal types. Conversion from one signal type to another is inherent in the system through the selection of module types.

The chassis backplane contains several global and daisy-chain buses so that signals can be received by one module and sent to other modules in the chassis to address signal conversion and distribution applications. Signals can be transmitted from chassis to chassis via a variety of available modules including: TTL/Fiber, ECL/Fiber, Video/Fiber, Analog/Fiber …

All modules can be configured via jumper selections for fixed applications or via a plug-in remote control interface (RS-232 or Ethernet). Health & Status of each module within the chassis are available from the remote control module.

The 9200 Series units provide a cost effective and flexible solution to a wide range of signal conversion and distribution applications.