About Us

GDP Space Systems is  a recognized industry leader of supplying high quality state-of-the-art aerospace telemetry products for Flight Test, Missile Test, Range Safety, Launch Support and Satellite Command and Control applications. With the acquisition of Acroamatics Telemetry Systems in 2013, the GDP/Acroamatics product offerings now address the complete product chain from Data Acquisition through Data Conversion and Distribution to Telemetry Processing and Display. Together, we have been supporting the telemetry community for over 40 years and bring a wealth of technical and application knowledge to you, our customers. Our highly complementary product lines offer comprehensive and innovative solutions to our various markets. We are committed to customer success and back up our products with enthusiastic support and passionate customer service.

GDP products include:

• Best Source Selectors (Diversity Combining)
• Bit Synchronizers
• TMoiP / Data Transport / Communications Multiplexers
• Data Conversion and Distribution
• Telemetry Data Processing and Display
• Data Link Test Sets
• Modulators & Uplink: RF, IF & Sub-Carrier
• Telemetry Receivers / Demodulators & Downlink: RF, IF & Sub-Carrier
• Satellite Modems & Ranging Systems – RF IF & Sub-Carrier
• SGLS Satellite Modems & Ranging Systems and – RF, IF, Sub-Carrier
• Link and Mission Simulation and Validation
• Telemetry Card & Modular Interface Products

Recognizing that no standard product can meet all the needs of every customer, GDP stands ready to provide solutions that are custom tailored to unique applications. GDP products are designed using modular techniques and FPGA-based implementations that permit custom configurations and the inclusion of unique capabilities.